I offer hands-on energy work sessions that combine Reiki and personalized meditation. My work is a powerful tool for pain management, depression, anxiety and auto-immune conditions that will bring you comfort and stimulate your body’s own healing response. My biggest hope is to provide the road home to self, to wellness.



About Jen Fraser


As a life-long student, I love learning and sharing the gifts of my life experiences with my clients. My journey with energy healing began when I sought something deeper and more effective than the standard western medicine model to help me heal from autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, pain, and depression.  

In my travels across 5 continents, I've met amazing healers from all over the globe who helped me on my path to become the healthy person I am today.

My work

As an empath, I bring a grounded, calm & straightforward presence to our session together. Through listening, sensing, and holding a calm, safe container, I’ll assist you in releasing old energy patterns from your system, thus helping your chi flow. You’ll feel renewed vitality and a deeper connection to yourself.

I am a certified Reiki Master trained in the US and Australia, a 200- hour certified meditation teacher trained in Sedona, and I have worked extensively with psychics in India and Australia for training my intuitive abilities. I firmly believe in the power of spirit, and seek to bring a tailored experience to all my clients, including children.


Sessions can include Reiki, energy healing, and a personalized meditation practice.

I offer sessions in Mill Valley, Fairfax, and I’m available for house calls throughout the North Bay. I look forward to connecting with you!

$90 for an hour session with an additional fee for house calls.

call/text: 415.547.0826

What is “Sumner Way”? I was born in the rolling green hills of Sumner County, Tennessee, and that peaceful, serene landscape has remained the place that feels most like home to me. My intention in my healing work is to guide you back to your body, to the place inside you that feels like home.